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EtsyFAST is a group of independent Fiber Artists working together to spread the word about Etsy. EtsyFAST incorporates artisans from all over the world who are using their hands to turn various forms of fibers into beautiful artworks, wearables, and supplies. We encompass all forms of fiber arts. This is the common bond for all members of EtsyFAST. As a team, EtsyFAST works toward spreading the word about Etsy and Fiber Arts through the joint efforts of the members. To find unique fiber items handmade by our members on Etsy.com, simply search for the word "EtsyFAST" in the items: tags, titles search function. To become a member of EtsyFAST, please submit the link and name of your fiber-related Etsy shop to our Yahoo Group.

copyright 2007 S.D. Frisby

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